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Katherine Henry is a Constitutional Attorney and founder of Restore Freedom. She’s a homeschooling mom, business owner and proud American. A fierce advocate for truth and the Rule of Law for 20+ years, she defends our Constitutionally-protected, God-given liberties and our government Of The People, By The People and For The People. She’s devoted to educating the public on the Constitution and the law, holding government officials accountable for violating their Constitutional Oaths of Office, and empowering everyday people to make a difference. She’s spoken on the Constitution at hundreds of events, hosts a website full of freedom fighting resources and educational videos, launched a weekly Constitution podcast and newsletter, and created a Constitution app for Apple and Android. From drafting a state constitutional amendment to arguing in the Michigan Supreme Court against Lockdown Orders, Katherine has been fighting to Restore our Freedom since day one. Her motto: More Freedom, Less Government! #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment

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6 hours ago

Politicians using legal warfare against Trump, J6ers, & maybe yourself. Even attorneys like Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and myself have been targets. When justice is not done at the trial court, an Appeal must be filed. But what then? Today, we're going over the Top 5 Motions filed in Appeals.

24 hours ago

Whether you just want to understand President Trump's legal options, you're Representing yourself in court, or Don't have much faith in your attorney, I invite you to Continue learning with our series on self-representation. Today we're going over the Top 6 After-Trial Motions. Whether your case is civil or criminal, this info will help you be best prepared for court.

7 days ago

Want to learn HOW to defend yourself against tyrannical government? Fight back against local government bullies? Protect your rights in court? Protect your property and your privacy? Understand ballot proposals before the election? Access government meetings and documents? Hold officials accountable for violating their constitutional oath? Exercise the true power of We The People? Don't miss our Season 3 10-minute content-packed videos!

Top 4 In-Trial Motions! S3E1

Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Representing yourself in court? Don't have much faith in your attorney? Continue learning with our series on self-representation. Today we're going over the Top 4 In-Trial Motions. Whether your case is civil or criminal, this info will help you be best prepared for trial.

Thursday Sep 14, 2023

10 min segment! Legal Citations & Slideshow at

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

New Mexico Governor bans carrying guns; says Constitution is not 'absolute'. What does the Constitution say? WHAT can be done about it? WHO can do something about it? Back from hiatus due to our family emergency, we look forward to joining you Tuesday @ Noon EST for Episode 27 of Restore Freedom Weekly!

Monday Sep 11, 2023

Don't miss this week's RFW episode! Governor & Guns: Constitution Not Absolute? Join us LIVE Tues @ Noon EST on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Rumble or LinkedIn. Want live interaction? YOU can COMMENT LIVE on YT, FB, Twitter & LinkedIn!

RFW Update 082923

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

Tuesday Aug 29, 2023

Restore Freedom Weekly will be off until September 12, 2023.  We will be in Michigan for the legal guardianship and celebration of life of our friend Deb.  With all of the talk of mandates, masking and more, we encourage you to visit our website,, to find answers to any questions you may have.
Thank you for your continued support!  We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

RFW Update

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Full episodes will return in september!

Thursday Aug 03, 2023

Legal citations at

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